Legal and accounting assistance in franchise deals

Franchising is no longer unfamiliar word for entrepreneurs. It means organization of such business schemes, which involve the use of ready brands as the main platform. In future, a full-fledged subsidiary can be created within the company on the basis of franchise. Benefits obtained in this case are obvious, no need for advertising campaign because the brand is already well promoted and known to general consumer.

Now you do not have to make your own mistakes, as the company-franchisee will provide you with all the opportunities, achievements and experience. Before you sign a franchise agreement, you should consider new perspectives, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this way of doing business with the help of lawyer and accountant. Contract is signed between the owner of the patent rights and the customer, it gives you the right to use promoted trade brand. And a patent holder will get some dividends. This can be a percentage of sales, one-time fees and many other options. They should be specified in the contract. When the company signs franchise agreement, it enters the market to develop and strengthen its position.

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