How office buildings architecture affects their economic success

Office building is a factory, which creates an intangible product. Thus the investment process for such a factory is complete only when office building ends its operation. This fact understanding leads to a comprehensive review of all phases of office building life cycle that is the absolute necessity to optimize development process at the stage of concept development, construction and operation. Good and right architecture today is defined in future by the fact how successfully the following long-term investment principles as: reliability of engineering structures, significant overall efficiency of investments, creation of conditions for high productivity performance of employees, flexibility and easiness of upgrading and redevelopment to express tenants personality (eg., express corporate identity) , etc. are integrated.

As it was already mentioned, good architecture includes integration of the latest achievements in all sectors of buildings design and construction. However, investors and end-users of office centers often judge about their quality taking into account aesthetically pleasing and not always the most important details, for example, by facade or registration lobby appearance. Therefore, design plays an important role in the attractiveness of office center and its market success, at least on the first stage of business center operation. If further external aesthetics and comfort are confirmed by high level of reliability, functionality and efficiency of such office center and ensures high demand on office premises located in such buildings. As world practice shows, rental rate in office buildings is determined basing on location of such center, its functionality, efficiency and directly by attractiveness of building architecture and design. Running costs also play an essential role along with rents, as their level depends on architect performance and his foresight. Special office space classification was elaborated to define basic criteria of office buildings construction. Although, office buildings classification is not a mandatory, but a kind of recommendation to designers and developers, its inclusion allows market participants to create office buildings, effective from a commercial point of view, satisfying the needs of both landlords and tenants.

If you think that franchise is the best solution for your company development then you should consider the design of office premises as a practice shows that companies offering franchise lodge special requirement to office space interior design. So your office should correspond to comfort level and interior design requirements.

Thelma Larson for Agileoffices, providing tips on opening branch office.

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